Trans Fats Are Bad…. Do You Know Why? Jeremy Scott Fitness

We all know trans fats are bad…but do you know WHY?


Here is the simple stupid version of why you should avoid them in your diet 100% of the time if possible.


Remember these words “hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils”


It’s the hidden language for trans fats – and the reason they are bad are as follows…..


Trans Fats have been associated with things like…


Heart Disease- High Blood Pressure- High Cholesterol-Stroke



So what popular foods contain trans fats you ask?

Many fast foods of course, including most of these items below…


Fried Chicken

French Fries





Cereal – yes many so called healthy cereal choices have them hidden inside

Salad Dressing – is also a place trans fat hide –so be reading the lables



So unless you think heart disease is sexy – I would try and keep trans fats and hydrogenated oils out of your life whenever possible.


Kick Ass and Eat Well – Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness

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