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Reebok Shoe Crazy Reebokalypse  Now– Jeremy Scott Fitness


New Shoe month at my house in sunny Scottsdale!!!

Ok I have gone shoe crazy once again, I had been doing so well for so long too! But my recent trip to Reebok Headquarters pushed me right off the wagon and back into shoe mode!!!


I am calling it my Reebokalypse Now – which I admit I stole and many of you might recognize the reference from the ever popular album 2Pacalypse Now –by the late great Tupac Shakur!  FYI – this was the debut studio album by 2PAC released November 12th 1991

A little hip-hop history lesson during this shoe review for you guys!!!  

Long story short I have a ton of amazing gear to show you guys from my new Reebok Play Dry shorts to some sick Reebok CrossFit Line workout shirts, however these shoes below are my priority today so check them out.


3 Shoes Made for the Sport of Fitness designed to help you really #GetAfterIt


First up on the list……… 

Reebok RealFlex – great for running, jogging, and everyday walking around shoes I am always looking for some simple black shoes that go with everything and these offer that with a little loud twist wit the bright green bottom I recommend them to anyone looking for a good everyday walking, jogging, running shoe.

Go snatch a pair right here!!!


Reebok CrossFit Nano  “U-Form”


Now these yellow kicks which I have titled “Big Bird Mode” are probably my favorite shoes out right now, the only rival are the Real Flex Flights I will mention below. Even as I type this I am rocking these CrossFit Nanos, as you guys can see from the photos – you heat them up and they form to your feet!


These are my pair with Heather’s hair dryer in them getting heated to form to my feet!

Now while they are made for “CrossFitters” they are kick ass shoes for multiple styles of training – I love lifting in them, circuit training in them, sprinting in them the list goes on and on. I am not what you would classify as a “CrossFitter” and I rock these when I lift, sprint, and run through boot camps, and they have been nothing short of great. I know you guys would enjoy them just as much as I do if not more!

Check them out here!

Reebok Flex Nano Heating Instructions 

1. Place hairdryer inside shoe and blow hot air for 4 minutes. (DO NOT USE OVEN!) “U-Form” tab will turn red.

2. Remove hairdryer from shoes.

3. Lace up shoes as you normally would and wear them seated for 8 minutes (“U-Form” tab will return to black)

4. Let them stand for about an hour or until completely cooled before wearing them in your next WOD

5. Your shoes are ready to go!

*This process can be repeated more than once throughout the life of the shoe.  Do not use microwave oven.

Please share this information with all CrossFitters as we want to make sure everyone has proper instructions for the right fit!

Download a PDF copy of the U-Form Fitting Instructions here!

Introducing the world’s first shoe designed and developed by and for CrossFitters. With enough stability to keep you grounded while lifting, a minimalist platform and enough cushioning for cardio and endurance movement, this lightweight training shoe is the perfect PR breaking companion. U-Form technology gives this shoe a proven custom fit, and the carbon rubber outsole and side wall lug wraps provide durability for any movement.

Reebok Real Flex Flight


Now just when I had thought I found my all-time favorite shoes I picked these up about 5 minutes later and fell in love all over again. These Flights are great for just about anything you want to do in them, now running a marathon might not be on the list but almost anything else is fair game. Much like the Real Flex 2.0 you guys have seen me wearing these offer even more support and a thicker base to really #getafterit when you are training.

From the minute you step into these shoes you feel the support and can tell you are in a more stable training shoe, without being weighted down like similar shoes with this support. It’s a close call between these and the CrossFit Nanos both are great shoes for all forms of fitness training.

These are a true shoes made for the “sport of fitness” – check them out in detail below and learn the specifics.

 Get a pair for yourself here!


If you guys have any questions on any of these shoes and if they are right for you and training styles please let me know. I am loving the CrossFit U-Forms and the Real Flex Flights right now, so if you have a similar training style to me or participate in similar activities give them a shot and #getafterit today!!!

Jeremy Scott Fitness #GetAfterIt #RBKFitBlog

-Jeremy Scott – FitFluential Ambassador  

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own

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