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Recently I was invited to a challenge for 2013 – and a running challenge at that. Now I have made it clear I am not a runner, not that I can’t run…..the reality is I simply don’t get this “runners high” I hear people talking about.

I supposes I get “lifters high” from jacking steel which I imagine to be similar so I can see the appeal of running to million of fitness fanatics out there. At first I was just going to ignore the challenge….so what is the challenge exactly?


For The Record I Was Challenged By This Man – Tony Alba

Yes…He Does Look A Little Crazy, Because He Is! 


What is 365: No Excuses?

It is a commitment to run at least one mile EVERY DAY in 2013. The only acceptable excuses are hospitalization, a broken leg or death. Other than that, you are committing to run at least one mile every day.

So, that got me to thinking how long would it take me to run 1 mile each day? On an average day between 6-7 minutes, if I was to half ass it and jog at a moderate pace for me, about 8-9 minutes at the absolute max.

The more I thought about this challenge in small increments and not as running 365 plus miles the easier it seemed. Running for 7 minutes a day is very attainable even the laziest of people can do that.

This challenge is very similar to your own personal fat loss and fitness journey, if you think of it as hours, days, weeks, months, and years of hard work it almost seems to daunting to start.

But if you think of your journey as just one 30 minute workout at a time, one clean eating day at a time, running just 1 mile at a time, it all becomes much more manageable and realistic.

Having a goal 12 months down the road is great, but don’t forget it starts with 12 minutes, 12 hours, 12 days of hard work to get there.

I am not saying you need to join the 365 NO EXCUSES Challenge with me, or that you need to join my program if you don’t want to, but pick a goal, a program, something that holds you accountable and #getafterit!!!!!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness – 365 NO EXCUSES Team Member 

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