Happy Holidays #GetAfterIt Style -Reebok & Jeremy Scott Fitness

Hey guys I hope this finds you getting after it this holiday season, with all the treats and parties going on being active is crucial. I will get right down to business today here are some amazing gifts you can for friends or family, but more importantly for YOURSELF to train in and #getafterit in 2013!


You guys know I am sneaker head and I love shoes and these ZigTech’s from Reebok are pretty sweet. If you don’t mind wearing some shoes that are a little on funky looking side these are for you. I have been using them for lifting, some moderate paced running, hiking the mountains here in AZ, and I even gave them a go sprinting this past week.

While for me they weren’t ideal sprinting shoes they rocked in everything else, believe it or not I ran about 3 miles the other day and thought these were great. The cushion is awesome, plenty of support, and I didn’t feel restricted at all. I love the look, I am not a loud person by nature but I sure love having loud shoes and if you are anything like me you will love them to. For me the funkier the color patterns the better! There are so many awesome color combos online: http://www.reeboksportsshoes.com

Also one of my favorite winter wears right now is the Reebok CrossFit Men’s 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Shirt it’s been cold here the past few week (stop laughing at me 40 degrees is freezing in Arizona) and I have been wearing this bad boy early mornings and late evenings as well. It’s has an amazing feel soft, stretchable, and during the early portion of my lifting sessions I keep it on to get a great sweat going. I absolutely love it and everyone who touches and tries it on has said the same thing to me this past month.


 To get real scientific about the shirt here are some more details below…

This advanced shirt utilizes PlayDry material to wick moisture away from your skin, accelerate evaporation and increase ventilation so you stay comfortable while you train. This quarter zip, henley-style pullover uses advanced ergonomic seams to support the muscles in your back and shoulders and increase your range of motion. Checkout the CrossFit Line: http://shopcrossfitreebok.com

 Lastly, we all need gym shorts to train in, sprint in, run in, hike in, whatever your sports these shorts fit the bill. I know shorts are shorts, but these shorts for a guy my size fit like a glove, longer than running shorts but shorter than basketball shorts. I love that about them because typically I would have to wear one or the other; some long hoop shorts or some high-rise 1960’s style huggers. They are lightweight, stretch fit, and just a really nice pair of shorts to do just about anything with.

They are the CrossFit brand just like the shirt above, I haven’t been running through any WOD’s lately and I still rock them every week. So, even if you are not a CrossFitter these are still a great buy for anyone who trains and wants to feel good and look good at the same time.  

Four way stretch fabrics enhance mobility and a lightweight stretch gusset improves breath ability and flexibility in the most sensitive areas. A perfect ergonomic fit keep you training your best be it a WOD- Running-Lifting- or virtually any fitness activity – these are true sport of fitness shorts!

Have an amazing Holiday everyone and #GetAfterIt in 2013!!!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 



All opinions are my own -FitFlunetial compensated me for this campaign 

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