7 Grams Of Sugar A Day For 7 Days: Jeremy Scott Fitness

Ok guys real quick I wanted to share another one of my immediate resolutions with you.

I have four major resolutions total when it comes to health and fitness and this one is the most immediate.

As part of my own “Holiday Detox” I am limiting my sugar intake to 7 grams per day or less for the next 7 days. I repeat for the next 7 days the maximum amount of sugar I will intake on any given day is just 7 grams.

Why 7 grams? Well, I think when you pair it with 7 days it sounds sexy and it super easy to remember……no other reason really, other than it gives me a number to stay below each day.

I am not a huge sweets person but like anyone else I love ice cream, cinnamon rolls, cookies and all those things when you surround me with them…..and trust me the sugar count adds up quick when you really break those treats down!!!

 Now I love cinnamon rolls just as much as the next guy, but they pack a serious sugar PUNCH!!!

 The whole point is to simply reset my body and mind to go without sugar again after doing some overloading between Christmas and NYE. Even after just a few short days of riding the sugar train I feel sluggish, and re-motivted to clean up my eating.

If you guys want to give it a try and share your results with me in a week please do so. And for those of you wondering what you can eat to stay under 7 grams of sugar per day and not starve yourself…….think lean proteins, green veggies, and very complex carbohydrates –plain old fashion oatmeal is low on the old sugar scale for example.

Now I love fruit especially bananas, but for the next few days I will passing on them as well. I always say to clients nobody ever got fat from just eating bananas…….on the same note eating multiple a day probably never helped anyone get super lean either.

I will keep you posted on how it goes, but after Day 1 I am basically finished eating for the night and my total count is at 4g. Best of luck to you all with your resolutions and REMEMBER YOU CAN DO ALMOST ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO……it just comes down to HOW BAD YOU REALLY WANT IT!!!

Kick Ass – Jeremy Scott – PROLAB Athlete

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