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Team JSF Athletes in a few short days I will be heading to the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio with my amazing Team over at PROLAB/MRI! I am super excited as I have never been to the Arnold before and it is the BIGGEST fitness expo there is – so it will be a giant gathering of all the fitness freaks and fanatics from around the world all crammed together in one event center.

P.S.- I am also super jacked to meet Arnold – as I am usually not start struck but I have wanted to meet this guy for as long as I can remember – to be honest I am a bit nervous…..dorky I know!!!!

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So for all you guys in our Scottsdale Camps you will be working with the one and only Monica Millage –  Feb. 28th Thursday night, March 1st Friday and   March 2nd Saturday as well so go easy on her it will be her 1st few days coaching you guys solo!!!

I am sharing this blog as I get ready to head out and work the Arnold Expo with PROLAB because – I remind you this is where basically everyone who competes in anything fitness related be it bodybuilding, physique, fitness, figure come together for one crazy weekend of promotion and competition.

In a nutshell I will be a giant room with the biggest, leanest, and most ripped up fitness Men and Women in the world……vanity wise the BEST of the BEST!

So, what am I doing to prepare you ask? Well NOT eating all the girl scout cookie I purchased from one of our JSF Youth Campers for starters…… no seriously that is probably the hardest thing for me right now is skipping eating an entire box each day.

Honestly, I have been trying to keep my food pretty clean over the past few weeks in preparation for this weekend. Why? Well because there is a big difference between being in good functional shape around 8-9% body fat at 215lbs – (which is honestly where I usually live at)- compared to 5-6% body fat around 200lbs.

Let’s be CLEAR I am Full Time Fitness Professional – not a Full Time Fitness Model

Living my life at 5% body fat is not important to me nor is it super fun!

Now to all you guys at JSF you may never be able to tell the difference in my appearance unless my face starts to fall off then you know I am a little carb depleted and have been cutting back on the Ezekiel muffins, and weekly cheats of Pizza or Ice Cream.

The reality is eating to be ultra lean  for me -I am talking 5-6% is really, really hard for me!!!  Just as eating clean is really hard for many of you guys. It takes discipline, time, and constant effort and going without things you love to attain those levels of body fat……and honestly it’s a struggle each day and being consistent day after day is tough for me!

I am an over-eater by nature you don’t get to as BIG as I am by eating little amount of food, so for anyone out there who thinks all the photos you see of me super, super lean and ripped is how I look every second of every day —-SORRY I am not always there.

Once a week I eat pizza, ice cream, cookies, and occasionally have a beer or two it’s all a balance and I have found a pretty good one.

I am fitness professional and lifelong athlete – the whole “fitness model” look takes time and effort for me to achieve –so for the past few weeks I have been trying to lock it down so I “fit in” with all the other crazy fitness people at the Arnold.

My diet has been a steady stream of what I preach daily – clean proteins, green veggies, and healthy fats – if it runs, it swims, it fly’s or grows from the ground I have been eating it – skipping the bagged and boxed goods all together.

I LOVE being healthy, eating healthy, and being lean – and when I need to get extreme to look a certain way for certain events or competitions I do it – the rest of the year I have found that having drinks with your friends, going out to eat with family, and cutting loose once and awhile is an important part of life as well.

It’s all a balance and we all have a happy middle ground we live in for me it’s around 215-220lbs at 8-9% – feeling healthy, fit, and being able to live a little.

But for the next week it’s chicken and veggies with trying to sneak in as many high intensity JSF camps as possible. At the end of the day I am a real person just like you guys who lives a normal life and has to make and keep making good conscious decisions to be in and stay in good shape!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness – PROLAB Athlete 

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