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Hey guys I am gearing up for the Arnold as many of you know, so in order to fit in with the rest of the crazy fitness fanatics there I am trying to keep my eating on track to look presentable – so for the most part that’s a lower carb diet for me.

Being super busy with all our amazing athletes at JSF, adult camps, youth camps, our transformation contest nutrition reviews, basketball training groups, P.T. schedule, my own training TIME IS LIMITED!!!!

Many days I have been working 12-16 hours and find myself exhausted to say the least – which makes cooking and preparing meals hard or near impossible to get done these past 2-3 weeks. So I jumped at the chance to really try out this new diet meal delivery system – Diet-to-Go!

I have been fortunate enough to be able to find a few pre-made meals that fit my current low carb macro breakdown –

Now I have worked and work with numerous online food companies and I have to say these guys do it right. For anyone unsure of what to order or what they really need they have a funky little diet analysis tool to help guide you. If you are a guy like me who already has a good idea of what they are looking for they have 3 main plans to pick from easily titled –  “traditional” “vegetarian” or “low carb”!

The site really does a great job of breaking everything down for you guys and answers almost any questions you have right off the bat about eating and ordering –

Now the MOST important factor for many of you TASTE – how does it taste do you like the meals?????

Pretty good overall and I am picky eater to say the least – some of them I really liked and enjoyed the breakfast food in general seemed to be the best in my opinion but I have heard other fitness pros rave about the fish and shrimp dishes over the past few weeks.

They ship the food right to your door via Fed-Ex it comes in a giant cooler you simply open it and throw these meals in your fridge and each meal comes with the day or the week meal and nutritional facts listed on the package.

Are these meals as perfect as cooking for yourself at home? No, in my opinion making your own food right on the spot, fresh and organic is BEST there is no debating me there. But the reality is that isn’t always possible and hitting the drive through isn’t the answer….but coming home to clean, low carb meals ready to heat and eat is a great solution to staying on track your with your health and fitness.

Checkout the site and learn even more about the menu and if they have some foods that might peak your interest – when you think diet meal delivery system think Diet-to-Go!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

FitFuential LLC Compensated me for this all thoughts are my own.

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