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I will make this post quick and sweet – I wanted to highlight one of our amazing athletes here at Jeremy Scott Fitness the one and only Kathy Wills! Many of you have seen here at 6am or Saturday camps or even dropping off or picking up her daughter Holly from Youth Fitness in the evenings…….needless to say she is around JSF alot!!!

Busy Mother, Challenging Career, Unhappy with her physical appearance, and how she was feeling day in and day out, frustrated by lack of results at the gym training on her own…….Meet the OLD Kathy Wills!

When I meet Kathy months ago – she was like many of you guys when she started, unsure of what exactly she was doing health and fitness wise………She was Giving Effort but SEEING NO RESULTS!!!

She had a gym membership – worked out on her own – tried numerous diets or made attempts to be healthy but never made any progress….which as we know is frustrating……who want’s to work hard and never see any progress?????

So, she came in to me NOT THE BEST SHAPE – not super strong, making poor choices…..not by conscious choice, but simply lack of education on nutrition to reach her goals.

We started slow with 1 on 1 personal training, changing her eating habits at 1st little by little, focusing on being perfect 1 day per week and building it from there.

Flash forward – she join our online accountability eating group – LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS GROUP HERE:

The GLAC group has helped her more than anything – and she is prime example of what you can do if you join us and simply follow the program .

I am proud to say she has had “numerous” clean eating weeks in a row and tracks her food almost daily and now, not only understands what her days should be filled with eating wise…..BUT SHE IS DOING IT DAY AFTER DAY!!!!

She graduated from just 1 on1 training to the adult fitness camps and is simply kicking ass week after week now – it is truly impressive.

She has made gradual changes over the past few months, little by little, and now is one of the best athletes we have in camp in terms of staying on track, being committed and always wanting to learn more and be better week after week.

I wish I could take the credit, but it all belongs to her for having a great attitude, kick ass will power, and being open and willing to learn new things to improve herself.

Thank you Kathy again for being the EXACT EXAMPLE we wish for all our athletes here at Jeremy Scott Fitness to follow.

If you want to see results, it’s 100% up to you and your efforts, your willingness to learn and listen to what we say at Jeremy Scott Fitness, I didn’t train for Kathy, she ran the sprints, did the push ups, squats, skipped the sweets, tracked her food – SHE IS THE ONE WHO DID THOSE THINGS – all I did was show her the path she had to take it – and take it she has!!!!

Keep kicking ass Kathy excited to see you continue to dominate 2013!!!!

 Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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