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I love nut butters, imparticular Peanut Butter – I just LOVE IT!!  As a fitness professional and just a guy who loves to eat – peanut butter is probably my biggest weakness or close to it – as I tend to overeat, and overeat a lot of peanut butter when I eat it. At the end of the day overeating is overeating even if it’s a health food.

So, over the past few weeks – I was fortunate enough to hook up with the fine folks of Nuttzo and give their product a try, since I love nut butters so much I figured why not?????? So for anyone unfamilar with NuttZo here are the basics….

About Nuttzo as The Other Nut Butter……

100% Organic: All seven nuts and seeds used in each of the 3 flavors of

NuttZo are 100% organic.

Contains No Added Sugars: 1 serving of NuttZo Original (2T) contains only 1g of sugar.

Full of Healthy Fats: 1 serving (2T) provides 50% of your daily value of Omega 3 ALAs.


NuttZo for me works just like peanut butter – I used it for my usual peanut butter duties – post workout on rice cakes, a little NuttZo and Jam on an Ezekiel muffin as well – which was amazing. It has a real nutty, gritty, texture to it which is nice if you are missing that crunch in your diet. I also added it to my pre workout shakes and simply scooped it out onto a spoon and devoured it the old fashion way. My overall thoughts – the butter is legit…… do I love it as much as peanut butter alone? NO – I love PB and probably always will with a passion, but NuttZo does offer some amazing health benefits and is something I will keep in my nutrition plan and use on a weekly basis for sure to cheat on my PB with!!!  I suggest giving it a try next time you are at the store and keep an eye out for a little NuttZo food video as well in the next few days!!

My pre-workout snack NuttZo included

Who doesn’t get this happy for a bad ass nut butter???

Get out there, get after it and go grab some NuttZo!!! 

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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