My 1st Arnold -Jeremy Scott Fitness – PROLAB/MRI/Natrol

I will make this quick and keep it to photos mainly as I could talk for days about the Arnold and all the people I had a chance to see and chat with you, but one thing I do need to say is this……I have an amazing life, I don’t believe in luck as most people think of it. I do however believe in opportunity and taking advantage of them the moment they come along…..I have been so blessed with worth with PROLAB/MRI/Natrol family over the past 2 years….I can’t speak on other major brands but from a standpoint of working with bad ass athletes to really, really GOOD PEOPLE…..I hit the jackpot.

I had so much fun working with everyone, talking with fans, and just hanging out – I really felt blessed to be in such a great position. I guess what I am saying is working your ass off does have it’s rewards, especially when it pays off in the form of working with great people like I get to not only at Jeremy Scott Fitness everyday but also with my PROLAB/MRI/Natrol family!!!!

I remember going to fitness expos 5 years ago on the otherside of things grabbing supplements, meeting athletes and fitness pros thinking to myself “man that would be so cool to work at the Arnold or the Olympia”…….now here I am.

Thanks again to all you guys for making the 2013 Arnold one kick ass weekend, see many of you guys again real soon!!!!


I showed up in shape as I didn’t want to stand next to my man Moji and look like a chubby bum!!!

Eat super clean for the Arnold and smash ice cream on night one with the Team lol….

Setting up the night before and find my ugly mug next to THE Jessica Clay IFBB Pro 

Our PROLAB Team Moji, Malcom, Than, Jessica and myself 

Like a dork I saved my 1st Arnold Expo badge 

Getting Ready to kick off Day 1 – Natrol booth Jessica Clay and I 

Chris Rodgers NPC Men’s Physique stopped by the booth to say what’s up

Cedrick McKinney NPC Champion MP also stopped by to grab some PROLAB supps 

My old Waldorf  College 4th Floor Dorm buddy Tom Miller -Arnold Strong Man Competitor 

As you can see I take myself very serious at all times when it comes to fitness

Next time you want to tell me “how big I am” just remember my team member Malcom 

Just a quick snap shot of the team with Arnold 

Even Grace jacked Moji’s bands to get her pump on before the crowd showed up!!

Quick shot of the booth with our athlete cards -Team PROLAB

Moji Oluwa and I ready to rock day 3 of the Arnold Expo

Fasted all day from Ohio to AZ just to enjoy this little treat –

I too sometimes just need to eat come Ice cream 

Thanks again to everyone for an amazing weekend I am truly blessed to work with such an amazing team of not only athletes but of people as well you guys are the best in the industry hands down!!! Jeremy Scott PROLAB Athlete 

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