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I tell Heather this all the time, few things in life are ever perfect nothing in my life is or has ever been perfect. No day, no situation, no scenario, not one thing – and there is never a perfect time to get on track – but if you are sick of your current situation here are 3 Rules I use for fitness and every other arena of my life to be as successful as possible.

Before you read another word think of your “problem, issue, or less than perfect situation and complete this sentence…….

This is where I am ________. This is what I want _________. What’s the next thing I can do to get it?”


My 3 Quick Rules to Kicking ASS In Fitness & LIFE!


Sounds easy but many people fail right off the bat to even get going, fear of failure, fear of doing something wrong, fear of the unknown…..you can’t control those things so don’t worry about them just do something even if it’s not perfect DO SOMETHING to move forward.

I never accomplished anything just sitting on my ass doing nothing and neither will you, think back to the sentence above and START TODAY!


New Years Resolutions…..HOW ARE THEY DOING NOW? If you lost the drive or motivation what changed over the past 80 some days?????

Why is the goal less important? Not seeing enough results?

I hear it all the time “I only lost 5lbs” “my body fat only dropped 2%” “I only lost 3 inches” ….ONLY — if you ever hear me say ONLY in reference to progress I have made slap me – PROGRESS even slow PROGRESS is still moving in the right direction.

Nobody goes from mailroom to C.E.O. overnight your goals are no different!

It’s easy to forget the progress that was initially made when you get so caught up in what you have not been doing or deadlines that will be missed.

Goals need deadlines – otherwise they remain dreams. As you complete something important to you, use that positive feeling as an inspiration to do even more!


RULE #3 ~ 1 Day at a TIME

How do you run a marathon? 1 Mile at a time

How do you lose 30lbs? 1lb at a time

How do you lower your body fat? 1 clean meal at a time…

You get the point…

Start with looking 6 inches in front of your face not 6 miles down the road!

The progress you make is an accumulation of the small steps taken each and every day. What you do with consistency matters more than what you do once in a while.

Eating like shit for 1 meal won’t make you FAT – just like one clean meal won’t get you abs – it’s small steps, piled on to each other day after day –it’s a lifestyle of kicking ass!

I don’t work hard at my business for 6 weeks and then take 2 weeks off and relax it’s a lifestyle of working hard and smart day after day!

I started this business with ZERO clients, nobody read my blogs, nobody followed on facebook, twitter and well you get the point!


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