ABS April @ Jeremy Scott Fitness

ABS April at Jeremy Scott Fitness

All ABS all month…..that’s our CORE focus for April

We focus on core training a ton in our adult fitness camps, but we are going to put an even bigger emphasis in the month of April for everyone in camp, online, and more…..

So what does that mean?

All Saturday Workouts at 8am & 9am will be “CORE” Focused ABS

More recipes-food ideas-tips-tricks-challenges to get on –stay on- and keep on track to slim down the stomach and melt that belly fat.

Did I mentioned challenges to help your eating get on track!!!!

Some new posterior and anterior core movements for you guys to learn and hopefully master. We will focus on that all important rectus abdominis (6 pack area) for you guys……. but a major focus will also be on making your posterior chain your strongest chain.

Think working yours abs, lower back, butt, hamstrings –to get them looking and feeling as lean/mean/sexy as possible!

-ZERO Sit Ups and ZERO Crunches –


Ever since I can remember I had been taught that sit ups and crunches are the best way to get rocking hard abs. So, like most of you I did my 100-200-300 sit ups and 300-400-500 crunches after each workout for months, and months, and months…….with NO RESULTS.

My abs would be sore and feel tight, but they never looked like the guys in the magazines I wanted to look like.

BJ Gaddour said this a few years back about sit ups and abs and I believe it to be 100% true…..

“All crunches and sit-ups do is work your superficial ab muscles (the 6-pack muscles, a.k.a. rectus abdominus) and promote excessive flexion of the lumbar spine which can result in serious spinal injuries like bulging or herniated discs.”

Do spinal injuries like bulging-herniated discs sound sexy? Not to me they don’t!

Sit ups and crunches are only working that very top layer of your abs –which unless your body fat for guys is under 10% and women under 14% (a good estimate) you’re never going to see them.

In short it’s more likely you will acquire some type of neck and spinal injury before your abs every start peaking through……doesn’t sound like a good risk vs. reward scenario here.

Welcome to ABS April at Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott PROLAB Athlete 


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