Blood, Sweat & Cheers – Jeremy Scott Fitness #bringfunback

Blood, Sweat, Cheers – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Do you guys love the mudder? The dashes? The fun, crazy obstacle races and runs?

Well, sign up below to stay up to date on all those kick ass events and be entered to win some amazing prizes as well, talk about a win-win now you never have to miss out on all the madness and you might just win something along the way!!!

Sign Up Today and you could win a GT Performer BMX (pictured) or a $150 Lululemon gift card. 

For the Ladies you could be riding away in this!!! 

For all my guys out there this could be yours!!!

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Attention Jeremy Scott Fitness Athletes I know you guys are DIE-HARD obstacle course-race fans – the mudders, warrior, dashes, and so on we’ll here we go!!!

Stay up to date on all the latest obstacle runs and local adventures!

Blood, Sweat & Cheers is bringing fun back.

This was Heather and I at one of these crazy races a few years back!

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Dreas and I after the Urban AZ Race here we did with Team Jeremy Scott Fitness

Sign Up Today and you could win a GT Performer BMX (pictured) or a $150 Lululemon gift card.  

Check it out and we hope to see you out there going crazy with us soon!!!! 

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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