Jeremy Scott Fitness 55 Day Challenge Contest Winners 2013

Ok here we go the FINAL Results of the 55 Day Transformation Challenge here at Jeremy Scott Fitness.

Let me say this one last time, all these guys gave a killer effort and it’s nothing to do with winning and losing because honestly if you gave 100% and are currently in the best shape of your life I call that winning 100%!!!!

I am proud of all you guys but for contest sake we have a few prizewinners below for you. These guys were selected by myself and a small panel of two other fitness professional who are non-biased and have never meet any of the contestants. It came down to the effort, attitude, and overall change made in the past 55 days and everyone was sooo amazing it was really close to pick winners this time around……

So without further delay your prize winners of the 2013 Jeremy Scott Fitness 55 Day Challenge are…..


Susan Brady – Winner Top 55 Day Transformation 

Our Top 55 Day Runner Up – Melissa Roby 

Our 2nd Runner up was a close call and goes to Jill Birtch 

And this year we are giving out a special award because well, I am the boss and I do what I want and it’s the best “ABS” award and we are selecting Roxanne Keller as our 1st 55 Day Best ABS Award Winner at Jeremy Scott Fitness congrats Roxanne you look awesome!!!

Again I can’t SAY or MEAN this enough everyone of you guys who participated in this contest did so amazing and look awesome you have all won something much more valuable than a few $$$ and some supplements, know that and know I mean it when I say I am sooooooo proud of you guys and the kick ass effort you gave ove the past few months. Proud to call you all JSF Athletes!!!! 

Thanks to PROLAB/MRI/Natrol for hooking these guys up with some sweet prizes packages and I owe some of you a little prize package so holler at me this week. Thank you all again and be more than proud of your efforts!!!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness – PROLAB Athlete

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