Top 2 Fat Burning Exercises – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Top 2 Fat Burning Exercises – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

I will make this short and sweet for everyone today dying to know what my TOP 2 Exercises are for BURNING FAT!!!

My #2 choice is something called -Quick Head Turns  – yes I know this might be new to some of you, it’s a new concept for some –when someone asks if you would like to go get ice cream, pizza, and another drink, ect.

You simply turn your head quickly to the left, then immediately to the right and repeat for 5 seconds while saying “no thank you” and presto you have just avoided adding more fat to your body!

And my #1 would be “Table Push Aways” it’s just as simple as my previous choice –  anytime you sit down to eat and you are either full or there is nothing healthy to pick from you simply PUSH yourself AWAY from the table and walk away – and again like magic you avoid adding more inches to your “problem” areas.


I could go on and on with these “magic” exercises like –

The Best “ABS” Exercise is walking – walking away from junk food that is!

My point is that YES – you must exercise, sweat, put some work and time into the gym but the BIGGEST battle you have is the other 23.5 hours a day you are not working out.

If you guys are working out and not seeing the results you want please click this link here, read it over and if you are really committed to making some changes and seeing some changes in the mirror – give me a call or send me an email ASAP – CLICK  WHY WAIT??????

You deserve to look and feel like a Rock Star!!!

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