112 Days Into 2013 What Have You Done? Jeremy Scott

It’s April 22nd  2013 on Monday if I am reading the calendar correctly which hopefully I am….

112 days into this magical year 2013. 253 days to go in the year….that’s it folks just 253 chances to dominate your year!

We’re are right around 30% of the way through….

The question we are asking you today is are you 30% of the way to getting everything you planned for on January 1st? Are you 30% of the way to making it all happen?

Like most people you probably are NOT – so the answer would be NO – so I ask you why? What stopped you? Why are you not making progress each day?

No matter the answer or excuse – you still have about 70% of the  year left to GET IT DONE!

So the question we ask again is…..

What do you want to accomplish before 2014 is here?

Gain Muscle

Lose Fat

Change Your Eating Habits

Drop a few dress of pants sizes

Get ride of the extra 25lbs of dead weight you have on you

Well if you have any of these above as your health & fitness goals we can help today!

Don’t waste the next 70% of the year if you let the 1st 30% slip by CALL ME TODAY!!! 

(605) 481-2611  – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 

Jeremy Scott – PROLAB Athlete – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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