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Reebok Zig Carbon & Bose Headphones

Hey guys this blog is got you covered from head to toe with some banging Bose headphones and some Quantum Leap style Reebok Zig Carbon’s for your feet. Let me jump into the headphones 1st real quick…..

I am huge music fan in general and when I am training it’s no different, I never strength train without some beats blasting in my ears and I rarely sprint or do any other activity without my music as well. So I was amped to try out these new Bose Sports Headphones – as you can see below them come with everything you need to dominate your workout. I am not a huge arm band wearing person but the arm and does look pretty legit, the thing I loved most was how the headphones fit snug into your ears even while doing higher impact activity -jump rope, squat jumps, burpees, donkey kicks, and they never popped out like others I have used in the past. Being a Bose product the sound was in a class of it’s own – I was able to just plug in and kill workout after workout this month- truly a great buy for any fitness fanatic.

These headphones are very unique in the fact that they are designed especially for any type of fitness activity, and are extremely durable and practical. These headphones are made to enhance the fitness experience with features designed with workouts in mind, including:

  • Sweat proof and water-resistant “in ear” buds that stay firmly in your ears
  • A shorter cable that doesn’t get in the way of movement
  • A breathable, stretchy armband, designed by Reebok that holds music devices in place during workouts and stores the headphones afterwards
  • A touch-sensitive plastic window for easy usability
  • And a separate pocket for your keys

This headphone can be used with most music players, and is designed for listening to music and taking calls from select Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPod.

If you guys want to grab a pair for yourself checkout the link below!!!®-sie2i-sport-headphones-accessories/WC340_01?cid=F31001
Now onto some shoes I have been rocking a lot this month – running, sprinting, training, you name it I have been wearing these bad boys out. I call them the Quantum Leap’s – you know the amazing time travel T.V. show from years ago – hopefully you are old enough to remember how sick this show was.

I know many of you are not making the connection and I tend to get off track and be weird from time to time I know. Well these are the Reebok Zig Carbon’s and for some reason when I heard the name the 1st thing I thought of was “Ziggy” from the show Quantum Leap you know the little gadget Al used to help Sam travel through time with……

Now that I have showed you how my mind makes connections back to the point – these Zig Carbon’s – are legit!!!! They work for just about anything – sprinting might be a stretch in some cases but as for running – they rock! The cushion in the them is better if not the best of any pair of shoes I have had yet from Reebok or any other athletic shoe for that matter. They are ultra light and fit like a glove almost like an extension of a sock with the exception of the thicker cushy bottom. I am able to transtion from strength training to almost any cardio activity with no change of shoes – which is awesome ans saves me a ton of time and keeps me in my training groove. 

Oh and did I mention they are one sweet looking shoe – I wear them just to wear them because I love the look and style so much!

If you want the nuts and bolts here is a breakdown of these bad boys below……

  • KEY PRODUCT FEATURES – Reebok Zig Carbon
  • Synthetic/mesh upper for comfort, fit and durability
  • Low-cut design for mobility with removable PU sock liner to cushion and accommodate orthotics
  • ZigCarbon outsole is designed for energy return with a full-length carbon fiber plate for flexibility through the forefoot and structured support in the midfoot
  • Forefoot and heel foam pods for excellent cushioning and shock absorption
  • High abrasion rubber outsole for increased durability


Key Material Technology Information:

  • Duel-density ZigLite sole with a  prominent flex groove allows the carbon fiber plate to do its work
  • Maximized support adds structure while maintaining light weight
  • 180 degree heel-cup construction
  • Unique military-grade 100% carbon fiber plate
  • Nylon fused to open mesh upper for breathability and lightweight support

If you guys are interested in taking a Quantum Leap with your training this next month, click the link below and give the NEW Zig Carbon’s from Reebok a try you will not be sorry you did – and you will look like a super cool time traveler on top of everything!!

Direct Reebok Zig Carbon Product Link:

Until next time Train Hard, Eat Clean, Be Nice, and #LiveWithFire 

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

FitFluential LLC Compensated me for this campaign all opinions are my own

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