Eat As If…… Jeremy Scott Fitness

Eat As If …… Jeremy Scott Fitness


 Eat As If…..


What does that mean exactly? Eat As If?


Long story short, it means Eat As If You Give A Shit!


That’s right from here on out you should start…Eating As If You Give a Shit!


Eat As If You Care About Your Health……


Eat As If You Want To Feel Good Everyday You Wake Up….


Eat As If You Care About How You Look……


Eat As If You Want To Be Stronger….


Eat As If You Want To Look & Feel Like  A Sexy Beast……


Eat As If You Want To Set An Example For Your Kids…


Eat As If You Want To See Your Kids Grow Up….


Eat As If You Care About Your Life…..


Eat As If Your Health Depends On It…….


Like I Said – Eat As If You Give A Shit!

 At first many of you will have friends who discourage you, try and drag you down, try and get you back into your old habits – fuck em’ – wait 3 months when they come begging for your help asking for your “secret diet” and smile and I say I am on the “EAT AS IF DIET”and you can share this blog with them and how you went from fat ass to bad ass and changed your life for the better! – Because Eating As If You Give a Shit gives you a sense of power and achievement – you put forth the effort to change your situation and if you can do that you can do just about anything in Life! 


Again I am not perfect, far from it, I enjoy pizza and ice cream from time to time….but for 99% of the time I “EAT AS IF I GIVE A SHIT ABOUT MY HEALTH” because I do – it’s the most important thing I have without my health I really have nothing at all. It will be hard, it’s not easy – in fact you will stumble along the way – but in life nothing worth having ever comes easy – but that my friends it what makes it so special! 

I am not telling you to eat like me, or live my lifestyle but from here on out Please EAT AS IF – you care about your life, because even if you don’t I know your kids, wife, husband, parents, grandparents, friends- they do GIVE A SHIT about your health and wellbeing!!!

If you need helping getting started check this out CLICK 

Or if nothing else grab this FREE Meal plan CLICK and get moving in the right direction today! 

Thank You – This Blog Post was Inspired By One Of my Favorite Movies of All Time – Boiler Room – if you haven’t seen it please checkout this brief 1 minute clip below it’s a 10 second rant about Acting As If!


Until Next Time – Eat As If You Give A Shit and Be Nice

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness – Make Success Mandatory 

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