PROLAB Advanced Caffeine -Kelly Groff -Team JSF

PROLAB Advanced Caffeine -Kelly Groff -Team JSF

I want to share with you all one of my favorite supplements and why I take it.  I used to be a huge soda drinker… it started with diet coke, switched to diet dr. pepper and then to coke zero.  Yup I thought because it was diet it was good for me.  I felt like I always needed the pick me up to get me through the day.  I would drink anywhere from 2 to 4 sodas a day.

Can you believe that?  I was consuming up to 160 grams a sugar just in my soda intake a day.  As I learned more about fitness and nutrition I cut the soda out of my diet.  I felt the need for caffeine, and I didn’t know what to turn to.

I am not a coffee drinker and I do like Green Tea, but I can only drink so much of that.  I then tried Prolab’s advanced caffeine pills.  This has become a staple to my morning routine.  Not only does it give an energy boost but it helps stimulate calorie burning, increases endurance and stamina, as well as increases my mental focus.


It gives me just the right amount of kick to get me through my workouts and the rest of my day.  I have tried many types of caffeine pills and this is one that does not make me shake, or make me feel that my heart is going to pound right out of my chest.  So when you need a little pick me up put the sugary drinks away and try Prolab Advanced Caffeine

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Kelly Groff – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness

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