The Rumors Are True, I'm Training For Two – Monica Millage

As many of you may have already heard or noticed I have been going through my own transformation in 2013. I am delighted to share with you all that I am indeed pregnant. I am currently 17 weeks along and very excited to meet our newest addition due in September. So far, things have been moving along very well and I have been able to stay active during this pregnancy.

Of course there have been some difficult days but for the most part I have felt great and look forward to being able to train both myself and all of you as long as I can. For Moms out there I’m sure you can understand how happy I am to be passed the narcoleptic first trimester where staying awake is more challenging than any training session could be.

I am eager to see how this pregnancy progresses and I look forward to sharing this very special experience with all of you!

Monica Millage CSCS -Team Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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