57 Years Young & Ripped – Tina Gazia -Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete

57 Years Young & Ripped – Tina Gazia

-Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete-

 Jeremy Scott Fitness has been life changing for me.  I have been going to JSF Boot Camp for 1.5 years, after Jennifer Jackson-Horn invited me to the class.  I am 57 years old, and after menopause, I started gaining weight and becoming weaker.  I have always worked out, in the last few years, spending my time running a lot and working out on elliptical machines.  These activities did not help me, they hurt me.  I always had hip or knee injuries.  Doing a lot of air travel in my job, I had to have men help me lift my bag into the overhead.

Jeremy’s workouts are challenging, but you can work at your own level. You work your way up.  I’m in the best shape of my life, and my strength is surprising.  No bull shit here, Jeremy keeps it simple.  Only 30 minutes, 4 times per week for me.  The other half of the equation is how you are taught to eat – correctly.  This is no “diet or cleanse.”  You learn the correct way human beings should eat.  I eat a plant-based diet, very little meat, only chicken and fish, and try to eat as gluten free as possible.

These workouts  give you a positive attitude, confidence, and mental toughness.  The progress you make if you stay on plan is truly empowering.  I’m 5’2” in height.  At my heaviest I weighed 149 lbs., size 10.  Now I weigh 122 lbs., size 0-2.  I’ve lost 27 lbs. of pure fat. And my cholesterol went from 212 to 170.  My doctor told me I have the blood pressure of a teenager.  My health insurance premiums went down, because my insurance  premiums are determined by an annual health exam.  Money in my pocket!

Jeremy Scott is very dedicated to his life’s work.  His work ethic is impressive; in the way he trains, competes, eats, and writes blogs every day.  He is ever present and available to his clients.  Jeremy has never overpromised, and everything that he said would happen has come true.  You have to have the patience and diligence to keep at it, the results do come.

The people at JSF are great to work out with, no arrogance here, but a friendly camaraderie.  When I first began working out, I was inspired by Megan, who always gave her best effort, above and beyond.  I decided right then and there I would do the same thing, and it has paid off for me greatly.  Also inspired by Tammy, she hits it hard, and never misses.

I highly recommend this place.  It will make you happy, if you make the commitment.  Now I’m helping men lift their suitcases into the overhead!!  Thanks, JSF!

Tina Gazia – Kick Ass – Jeremy Scott Fitness Athlete 

Jeremy Scott – Scottsdale Personal Trainer – Jeremy Scott Fitness

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