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Noel Daganta & Jeremy Scott

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Hey guys real quick this blog is just a thanks to one of the best in the fitness biz at what he does – the one and only Noel Daganta of If you guys get a chance check him out and the awesome work he does, if you are in fitness and looking to work with one of the very best out there – please do yourself a favor and check him out. – These are just raw behind the lens images I snagged with my Iphone here…

I have been fortunate enough to work with Noel through PROLAB & MRI this past year and he does nothing short of amazing work. But honestly this quick note is more about him as a person not just a fitness photographer, this dude is as good as is gets. He is an all around professional and fun guy to work with he goes above and beyond and in any business especially the service business that means everything. I can’t say this enough – working with him is fun and makes the entire process a blast to be a part of!

So I just wanted to say thanks again Noel for being such a kick ass dude and a great professional on top of that, it’s really nice to work with fun creative down to earth people – so thank you for everything and I am excited to work together more in the future as well.

Again I can’t say it enough to all my fitness guys and girls out there – don’t mess around contact Noel if you want the very best product and service – not to mention it will probably be the most fun you have shooting fitness as well –

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness -PROLAB Athlete 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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