1000 Rep Workout for FUN – Jeremy Scott Fitness

1000 Rep Workout for FUN – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Hey guys really quick here is a workout I went through Monday for a few reasons but the biggest was……..well I thought it would be FUN to run through something different. Now I know most educated fitness professionals can poke holes in this workout about what it has too much off, or not enough of……..but I could really give a shit because sometimes training can JUST  be for fun and their doesn’t have to be a 100% exact science to every single set and rep……sometimes it’s just nice to run through a quick-fast-fun ass kicking session on your own simply because you wanted a good pump and sweat!!

On that note this can be changed, altered, and regressed to fit your time schedule, ability level and so on…..I went with a full 1000 reps  or 10 cycles using just 35lb dumbbells – feel free to do any variation of this and try it out for yourself.

 1000 Reps for Fun Workout – Jeremy  Scott Fitness

10 Reps per exercise cycled through for 10 total rounds

Workout done for time with no-minimal breaks as needed


Push Ups 10 Reps


DB Rows 10 Reps


Squats 10 Reps


DB Shoulder Press 10 Reps


Burpees 10 Reps


DB Double Arm Curls 10 Reps


Seal Jacks 10 Reps


Elevated Split Squat L- 10 Reps


Elevated Split Squat R- 10 Reps


Box Jumps 10 Reps

For more workouts like this ask about joining our Make Success Mandatory “Inner Circle” group today – Until next time eat well, train hard and be nice to people!

Jeremy Scott – Scottsdale Personal Trainer – Jeremy Scott Fitness

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