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– Reebok ONE Series Cushion #LiveWithFire –

Jeremy Scott Fitness -Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

We are going to jump into some real shoe talk quick for you guys here…..and to ALL MY RUNNERS out there these are the kicks for you to try….trust me I am not a huge runner but I have ran more this year than any other year of my life due to the 365 NO EXCUSES running group I joined….and I have to say these shoes are CUSH for running major cushion that is!!!!


To get specific on you REAL SHOE TALK – straight from the source @ Reebok –

The shoe is built in 3 zones that address the specific needs of your foot as it moves through the gait cycle: heel strike, midstance, and toe-off.  The different zones have corresponding densities in the midsole of the shoe and there are different materials in the upper.  For example, you need more rigid, structured support around your heel but you need more breathable, flexible material in the forefoot.  All of these attributes can be found in the Reebok ONE Series Cushion and Guide.

The Reebok ONE Series Cushion is a shoe built for neutral runners.  This means people who do not over-pronate.

For those people who do over-pronate and need a little more stability, we have the Reebok ONE Series Guide.  The Guide is built the same way as the Cushion except for the fact that the Guide has a denser foam in the medial side of the midsole (under the arch of your feet) to help support the foot and help correct mild overpronation.

 If you guys want a video breakdown checkout this quick 1 minute clip from Matt Bilodeau

Reebok ONE Series Cushion Review VIDEO 

I always keep it real with you guys, and  these shoes are pretty legit. I love the style and colors are amazing – the brighter and funkier the better in my opinion. As for the running this is the 1st time I have really ran much since pulling my hamstring in our 10 day sprint session over Memorial day…..but my 1st time out in these…..ultra soft, great cushion, the most I have had yet from any Reebok shoe and that is saying a lot. I am saying it again my runners out there check them out for yourself…I can’t imagine you not loving the feel when you heel to toes drop on the streets.

Are they my favorite shoe ever…NO! But again I am not a runner, I love jacking steel, sprinting, doing plyos, hooping when I can so naturally they are not my #1 all time shoe. However, from a jogging, running, and walking around training clients in from a comfort-cushion standpoint they have to be hands down the best I have put on yet. I am about the sizzle (the look of shoes) but I am more about the steak (the function/comfort) of shoes and the Reebok ONE Series has both….what more can you ask for….try they out for yourself when you get a chance!

You can grab these bad boys at of course but also locally at….

Sport Chalet Stores – there is one located about 2 miles from Jeremy Scott Fitness in North Scottsdale that has tons of Reebok shoes and gear.

Road Runner Sports – multiple valley locations in Phoenix & Scottsdale

If you guys check them out please let me know how you love them!!!

Jeremy Scott Fitness- Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

Reebok ONE Series #livewithfire 

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