Eric Thomas – When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe!

Hey guys I get a lot of questions about how I stay motivated, what gets me motivated to train, to coach, to wake up at 4am day in and day out….well besides my passion for this health & fitness lifestyle….I grab motivation from people who are succesful in life not… just fitness. I study a lot about people like Michael Jordan, Opra, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, and Eric Thomas……

I am a huge Eric Thomas follower I listen to pretty much everything he puts out including reading his book you can see below…and listening to it numerous times.

He is famous for the phrase “when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be succesful”

Check it out if you get a chance, honestly finding him and a few other guys I will share with you later have really changed my outlook on what is possible for my life!

Click for Eric Thomas – The Secret to Success 



If you guys get a chance at least checkout this video and see for yourself and if it doesn’t inspire you or spark something, I don’t know what will. Often times during my workouts I listen to him talking to various groups NBA players, college players, school kids, office workers, the U.S. military……and he always keeps it real and again it’s helped get me to another level. So take 15 minutes and see for yourself and checkout his book if you really want to CHANGE your life for the better today!

Take a few minutes open your mind and get motivated to do more today than you do all of last week. We are almost half way through 2013 are you half way to all your goals and resolutions…if not ask yourself why? You have the same 24 hours I have so lets go out and make the most of it….TODAY!

We all have the ability to just about anything we want…..

…….you just have to work for it and work for it NOW!!!!


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