5 Movies I Think YOU Should Own – Jeremy Scott

5 Movies I Think YOU Should Own – Jeremy Scott 

Let’s make this blog super easy, quick, and ultra beneficial to your life below are 5 movies that I thank can drastically improve, enlighten, educate, and transform you into the most bad ass version of yourself.

Each one of these films below has done all of the above for me in one way or another immediately after watching it. Check them out for yourself I suggest buying them and sharing them with your friends. It’s weird of something like a movie, or a song can really change your perspective of shit in an instant.

P.S. these might not all be fitness related, news flash I don’t only do, watch, read, and listen to things fitness…there is a little more to my interests than that…not much…but a little!!! Enjoy with an open mind and dominate the day guys!

Movie # 1 Food Inc

Move # 2 –Forks Over Knives

Move # 3 – Fat Sick Nearly Dead

Movie # 4 – Into The Wild

Movie # 5 – Good Will Hunting

So there are 5 Must See Movies In my theatrical opinion that have the ability and the power to change your outlook on life if you let it, with anything in it’s how open your mind is to change.

Oh I just can’t keep this one off the list you need to see this if you never have….

Bonus # 6 – Fight Club

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Scottsdale Personal Trainer – Movie Critic

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