6 Reasons To STOP Bitching About Your Life

-6 Reasons To STOP Bitching About Your Life –

by Jeremy Scott of Jeremy Scott Fitness 

This blog is not about training, intermittent fasting, gluten free, paleo, carb backloading, tababtas, CrossFit or anything in that universe. This message is about something much more important than strength training and nutrition….and yes there is things more important than your macros and PR’s….trust me on that!

 Let me start this off by saying “I HAVE A KICK ASS LIFE” plain and simple I live a pretty blessed, badass life 24-7-365. Like anything it’s all in how you look at things, I guess I could think about all the stuff I DON’T have, but I tend to focus on all the amazing things I DO have in my life.

I wasn’t always like this…. many years ago before I got sick, and had to deal with any real punch you in the face life changing adversity – I was a little BITCH – maybe not externally but internally I would wish for things, and complain about things, and BITCH about things I thought I wanted or needed and often times felt like they were owed to me….which was wrong and it was hard to admit that to myself years ago but I see it so clear now. My own attitude and BITCHING about all the things I didn’t have was holding me back from getting and working for all the things I wanted… I had nobody to BITCH about but myself I was the problem not everyone else. 

What I learned was BITCHING was like a rocking chair, it gave me something to do but it never got me anywhere. On top of that it makes you sound pathetic and generally nobody cares to hear it! 

“Never tell your problems to anyone…..20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.” – Lou Holtz

I am here to tell you today if you are fortunate enough to be sitting at a computer or on your smart phone reading this my guess is you are already living a pretty KICK ASS LIFE!

 I want to make this clear  .…..STOP BITCHING about your life!

 Your life kicks fucking ass & here are 6 of the reasons why!!!!

 6 Reasons To STOP BITCHING About Your Life


You have amazing people in your life, there might be 100 or there might be 1 but you DO have an amazing person in your life. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Friend, Lover, if you can’t think of one shit I guess it’s ME! The point is you have something or someone amazing in your life that believes in you so STOP BITCHING.



You are reading this – you have a computer, a cell phone, a roof over your head to sleep at night, running water, food in the fridge, need I keep going drive through any inner city in America and BITCH about your problems to the homeless guy who has none of the above mentioned and see if he gives a shit about your BITCHING.



You have the ability to start over, you don’t like your job quit, you don’t like your house move, you don’t like your partner leave them, the amazing thing about your life is you can start and stop doing things just about any second of everyday so instead of BITCHING about it– do something positive about it. Only YOU control YOU remember that.


You probably have 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 lungs, a 2Pac CD -that work relatively well, thousands of people out there don’t have the same luxury that alone should make you feel like one blessed bad ass individual.


You have the ability to workout, train, do yoga, jack steel, run a marathon, and hike a mountain. If you want to become a huge jacked up muscle head or a sexy lean sexy rock star you have the ability to work towards that. You can sit and BITCH about it but last time I checked BITCHING never got anyone abs or a tight butt…..so I would stick with the training instead.


You can do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want to do it. I know you guys have office jobs but you choose to work those jobs, I once worked in an office and I hated that shit so I found something I was passionate about and did that instead. I am not the smartest guy in the world so if I figured it out so can you TRUST ME. Take the time you spend BITCHING about your job and focus that time on creating a badass future for yourself.

 I could go on for days about this, but as I sit here winding down my most bad ass 4th of July Vacation at my old mans house – (who I only get to see once a year) which is better than no times a year so I can’t BITCH about it.

 The point is you guys all have amazing things in your life, around your life, about your life, and the ability to alter your future for the better if you choose to do so.

 We all complain to some extent that’s just human nature but often times we get caught up in the bullshit BITCHING about things that either we can’t control or that really don’t matter.

 YOU can’t control what happens to YOU, but YOU can control how you react to the things that happen to YOU! Every single situation you face can be taken as a positive or a negative – glass is half full or it’s half empty it’s however YOU perceive it. I choose to see my life as BAD ASS therefore it is.

 Sometimes in the heat of the moment or deep in the struggle it’s too hard to see the silver lining. I was really sick for a long time and when I was at my rock bottom, I would think why is this shit happening to me……what I should have said was why not me…years later looking back it was one of the best things to happen to be and it changed my life or should I say I changed my life for the better because of it.

Before I never appreciated my health, my body, my happiness, and even most of my relationships,…….. now I value nothing else more. It took for me to be at my lowest to realize how much I always really had. So STOP BITCHING and start seeing your life for the BAD ASS adventure it truly is! 

Many of you guys have seen this letter above I wrote to myself years ago, and I have re-written it serveral times over the years to help me stay grounded and truly grasp all that I do have and all that is BAD ASS in my life. I read it almost every morning at 4am when I get up and it reminds me ………it reminds me of a life that I once had, and an attitude I once had and how I changed it all for the better. Maybe think about writing yourself a message sometime it did wonders for me it might just do the same for YOU! 

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness –




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