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Jeremy Scott PROLAB Athlete– 2013 Fit USA Top 5 Finish  

I am a little behind on this with all the holiday travel and work related events, but I wanted to give a BIG THANKS to for inviting me to come participate in the 2013 Fit USA Competition in Boise, ID this past month.

Like most competitions it’s never about winning by the judges score, to me it’s about showing up in the best shape possible and enjoying the overall experience of the trip. Most of the time you are only on stage for at most 2-3 minutes when you add all the time up together… to me seeing a new city, meeting the other crazy fitness fanatics, and the awesome staff at is what the whole thing is really about.

 I was fortunate enough to be able to place in the Top 5 on this day according to the judging panel, but no matter if I would have came in 1st of last I was happy with my overall condition and effort leading up the event & enjoyed the ride along the way which to me is what matters most.

It was also great being able to stop by and hangout with my sponsor PROLAB who happened to be working the fit expo. I am really blessed to be working with such an amazing team of athletes and staff members over at PROLAB/MRI/Natrol they really are the best team in the business.

So, again thank you to and all the other crazy guys and girls who stepped on stage with me I enjoyed meeting all of you guys and no doubt will be seeing many of you again in the future and I was you all the best in kicking ass the rest of 2013. Until next time train hard, eat clean, & be nice to people.


Jeremy Scott – PROLAB Athlete 2013 Fit USA Top 5 

Jeremy Scott Fitness – Scottsdale Personal Trainer 



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