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-Health Snacks On The Road –

Kelly Groff  ISSA CFT -Jeremy Scott Fitness 

I recently took a vacation with my daughter to California for nationals with her dance studio.  I tried to mentally prepare myself for spending six days in a hotel and trying to stay as best as I could with my eating. Now I am not going to lie. Eating for me is by the far the hardest part of my healthy lifestyle.  The working out I love, I enjoy it. But the eating is a struggle for me EVERYDAY!!.  Preparing food ahead of time is essential for me to stay on track so I did prepare some food ahead of time and brought it with me.  But the hardest part for me is the time in the car.  I feel I need to snack as I drive. I know this time of the year a lot of people are loading up the car and escaping the heat, so I wanted to share with you some healthy choices of what to pack in that bag you keep next to you.

In my “snack” bag

–        Water!!!  And coconut water to add a little extra flavor!

–        Protein powder (I took a baggie of protein powder and dropped in my water bottle and mixed it up!)

–        Almonds

–        Kale chips (for some reason I always feel I need chips in the car. This is a healthier alternative to Doritos!)

–        Jerky

–        Fresh fruit/ Fresh Veggies

–        Gum

These are just a few choices you could take with you on your road trip.  I know there are a lot of other healthy snacks and treats out there, but in this vacation time enjoy yourself find your balance… if you get off track just make sure you GET RIGHT BACK ON AGAIN!!

Kelly Groff – Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

Team Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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