What is NuttZo? Jeremy Scott Fitness

 What is NuttZo?

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If you don’t know what NuttZo is by now it’s time you step your “nut butter game” up and step it up real quick! I am about drop some real info on you guys out there who are still stuck eating plain old PB…..the nut butter game is changing!

In a Nut Shell ….yeah funny I know…..NuttZo is a 100% oranic 7 seed-nut butter – think of it like your nut butter jacked up on steroids…like a bigger, stronger, faster, cleaner, more kick ass verison of what you are eating now!!!


So the question becomes, Why would you buy NuttZo? 

Let’s keep it real and basic to start – the Health Benefits above all else is #1 Reason


Did you know that organic flaxseeds have anti-fungal and anti-cancer properties? Or that Brazil nuts are the number one plant source of selenium, which helps protect the body from infection? All of these can be found inside NuttZo!!!!

Peep the full benefits below on their site (which is ultra cool and educational)


Did you know that you receive over 50% of your daily ADA omega 3 by eating one spoonful of NuttZo?

Did you know that 100% of NuttZo ingredients are USDA Certified Organic, QAI Certified Organic and Kosher Certified?

Can your nut butter say that? If not maybe it’s time to step up to the pros with NuttZo!


Why do I LOVE NuttZo so much?

Aside from the massive health benefits and kick ass taste, honestly it reminds me of the greatest basketball movie of all time that I would  watch over and over again when I was in middle school. Above The Rim starring 2PAC – if you guys love hoops you will remember Tom Shepard’s brother who died in the film his name was “NuttZo”…..I don’t know if that will make you like the nut butter anymore but I love hoops and hip hop so much anytime I get a chance to scream “NuttZo” I will do it!!!! Checkout the trailer and see if it doesn’t spark some memories and make you want to play hoops, listen to 2Pac and eat NuttZo all at the same time!!!!





NuttZo Availability: NuttZo can be purchased online at 


Also at Whole Foods Stores across the US, as well as several other stores such as Sprouts for you guys here in AZ!!!

About NuttZo: NuttZo is a 100% organic 7 nut and seed butter that is gluten and soy free and contains no added sugars, oils nor preservatives.  Available in 3 flavors: Original, Chocolate, and Peanut Free, each blend contains a unique mix of 7 different nuts blended with Omega-3 rich seeds, is high in protein and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. NuttZo was launched by Danielle LiVolsi in 2009  and deemed one of her favorite super nutrient rich creations she developed while super-boosting her two sons’ vitamins and minerals after adopting them from Ukrainian orphanages in 2002 and 2005.   NuttZo donates 1% of gross sales to the non-profit organization, Project Left Behind, that funds programs in orphanages around the world.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

Jeremy Scott

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