Scottsdale Health Magazine Cover – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Scottsdale Health Magazine Cover – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

Jeremy Scott – Scottsdale Personal Trainer 



Short and sweet here with this one guys, many of you have seen this already the newest July issue of Scottsdale Health Magazine featuring my Mother Janet 53 years old and in rocking shape with myself on the cover – including the cover story.

I have been in a lot of magazines and on covers before, but this is a 1st for me and honestly I don’t know any of my fitness friends or models who have ever been on a cover with their Mom……so that I am pretty proud of.

She joined our program and kicked ass and now in her 50’s is in the best shape of her life, she is a perfect example for anyone out there that you can do it post kids and after your 50th Birthday.

I hear excuses all the time of why people can’t do it….well my Mother at damn near 53 years old pretty much invalidates all your reasons why you can’t get in shape.

Thanks Mom for setting a great example for myself and all the other Mother’s of the world out there, thanks to Stacy & Bill Richmond, Michelle Glicksman, and James Patrick for hooking this feature up as well.

Stop Making Excuses and Start Taking Control and Kicking Ass In Your Life!!!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness –

Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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