Why am I so bloated and how can I beat it? Kelly Groff

Why am I so bloated and how can I beat it?

Kelly Groff -ISSA CFT – Jeremy Scott Fitness

I have had many people ask me about bloating, why they get so bloated, what can they do to help prevent it?  Bloating is not only unattractive it is also a major discomfort to many. Some say that the real cause of bloating is intestinal gas not “water weight”. So how do you avoid bloating? It all stems down to your eating!  Eat plenty of fiber, drink plenty of fluids and exercise regularly.

Keep your body moving!! This is great for your digestive tract.  Your bloating may also stem from food allergies.  You may not have the reaction that many of us think of with food allergies, the swollen face, and the throat closing up.  Nope we can have food sensitivities that affect our body and how we digest them, and may never know it unless we get a food sensitivity test.

Another thing that can cause bloating is eating your food to fast and not chewing well enough.  If you are eating too fast you may be in taking too much air which in return leads to a bloated stomach, this can also happen if you over chew gum.  Watch your sodium intake this can also cause bloating in the stomach area.

Stay away from the sodas YES even diet drinks can cause a puffy midsection.  These are just some tricks to remember on why you may feel that discomfort in your stomach.  If you feel that you are eating really well and still feel this discomfort you may want to look into the food sensitivity not only Is it good to know but it will make you and your body much more comfortable.

 Kelly Groff -Team Jeremy Scott Fitness 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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