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Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Having FEAR is normal, everybody has FEARS that’s just part of life well I am here today to help you say…

FUCK YOUR FEARS….they aren’t real!


“We are born with only two natural fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. All other fears are not natural; they are products of our environment. Fear is an unreal emotion that our egos create to keep us safe. Unfortunately, being safe isn’t always the best way to learn and develop. To make the most of life, we must face our fears and move through them.” –365daycoaching

When your fear cripples you from making forward progress in your life towards your goals that is a problem. Many of you have the FEAR of being successful….that’s right most of you out there FEAR success.

You FEAR failing, attempting, giving effort, coming up short,

YOU FEAR change in your life.

Let me tell you I once FEARED being successful as well just like you guys, I FEARED trying new things, being social, speaking in public, being alone, graduating college,  getting on stage, quitting my corporate job, starting my own business, moving across the country with no job, even when I started Jeremy Scott Fitness and it finally grew and I reached some level of success  I would FEAR “can I do this all alone? Can I keep this going?” you get the idea.

I now realize all that FEAR was bullshit, fake imaginary worries that never manifested into anything real in my life. The FEAR of it was much worse than the reality of it could have ever been.

Be Honest With Yourself Here What Do You FEAR?

Ask these questions…

What is the worst thing that can happen to me?

What is the best outcome to my FEAR?

What will happen if I take no action?

OWN your FAKE FEAR, it’s yours so OWN it, write it down, share it with a friend, family member or the world, face it head on and then say FUCK IT!

The biggest personal successes we have in life are wrapped in FEAR, every gift you have ever worked for or wanted so badly you would do anything to get it has been wrapped in FEAR!

I will mention this again there are only 2 REAL FEARS so if you FEAR anything else it’s NOT REAL, stop FEARING the life you could be living, if you want a smoking hot, ripped up, sexy body, new amazing kick ass career, a life changing relationship, to travel the world….DON’T LET FEAR hold you back…..today is the day we all say FUCK OUR FEARS!!!

I measure my success by 1 thing and 1 thing alone – “I am the master of my day, my day doesn’t run me, I control what I do each day NOT FEAR if I want to work 16 hours straight, take a vacation, sleep in, wake up at 4am, jack steel for hours, or watch Vampire Diaries all day I can…..I am independent and answer only to Jeremy and that my friends is all possible because long ago I said FUCK FEAR!”

Do the same with me today, let this be the moment you said FUCK FEAR once and for all and changed your life for good!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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