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1. Where are you from originally?

Natalie is originally from Minnesota and Geoff is from Toronto.

2.     How long have you been coming to JSF?

We started coming to JSF since May of 2012. Our neighbor, Sam Ford, introduced Natalie to it through a Groupon and Geoff ended up trying it out not too soon thereafter.

3.     What was your fitness regimen prior to JSF and what made you choose/switch to JSF?

Prior to starting a family, we would go to the gym 4-5 days a week together…that was 11 years ago. We never really got back to it…occasional hikes for short periods of time and Natalie dabbled in a boot camp before our third boy came along, but that was about it!  Since starting at JSF, we were committed right away.  30 minutes BOOM you’re done!  We both work full time and with 3 boys, the 30 minute high intensity interval training is ideal for our lifestyle.

4.  What do you like best about JSF?

We like best that the workouts kick your butt each and every time and that they’re changed up!  Jeremy’s no BS attitude towards life, fitness and clean eating inspires us to keep committed to a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly, he has really helped us clean up our diet.

5.     What do you like to do in your free time?

Not a lot of free time with 2 boys and one monster running around. When we do, it’s usually spent catching up on our favorite TV shows.

6.     What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Our favorite cheat meals are pizza, wings, wine and beer…oh yes, and can’t forget Mexican food!

7.     What is your advice for other members to get great results?

We all need to start somewhere…that’s all it took for us.  It also has helped that we both are doing it and motivate one another TO KEEP GOING.  When we can’t attend a class together…we’re still encouraging the other one to go.  Just keep showing up and become committed!  If you think it will get easier…it really doesn’t…you just keep getting stronger.  Results will come if you are patient!

Thank you JMKDB for all your support!

Thank You Natalie and Geoff for consistently showing up and working so hard! You both have made tremendous progress, and we are glad to have you as a part of Jeremy Scott Fitness!!!


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