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Oil Pulling –Jeremy Scott Fitness

I went ahead and grabbed the book to get the full details! 

Welcome to the world of Oil Pulling or Oil Pulling 101 as I like to call it! Now some of you are asking what the hell is is oil pulling? As was I about a week ago and like many things I read, listen, then research on my own and jump in face first into new adventures.

As Dr. John states in the article I am going to share below and in the video link about Oil Pulling….

“Perhaps you have heard of it: the Ayurvedic technique of swishing oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes daily that claims to deliver a litany of health benefits.”

That’s basically it guys you get some oil fill your mouth and swish that shit around for about 10-20 minutes I have been rocking a soild 10 currently that’s about I can handle. If you guys know me at all you know I am rolling with nothing but straight coconut oil on this journey. I know it sounds crazy but so did taking shots of apple cider vingear, fasting for 16-20 hours, and never doing crunches, sit ups, or long bouts of cardio to get lean sexy abs…..and all those things turned out to be legit. So I am giving this a shot too……

So What You Guys Really Want To Know

How Does Oil Pulling Work?

Sesame oil, coconut oil and turmeric all have benefits. Sesame and coconut oils herbalized with turmeric are used in Ayurveda regularly to detoxify or “pull” toxins from the skin that they are applied to. The theory is the oils are lipophilic, meaning they attract other oils. The fatty layers in our skin are well-known dumping grounds for fat-soluble toxins (6).

Some of the fat-soluble toxins that we are regularly exposed to are:

 heavy metals
 environmental toxins

If you guys want to learn more CLICK HERE for full details!

Make your own call on this and please let me know your thoughts if you take the “PULL” with me!

Jeremy Scott -Oil Pulling Since August 2013

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Via on Jul 30, 2013

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