Polar RC3 – The #1 Heart Rate Monitor People

Polar RC3 – The #1 Heart Rate Monitor People 

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

The following post is sponsored by Fitluential LLC on behlaf of Polar.

Anyone who knows me, checks out my facebook, twitter, instagram knows I am a heart rate guy….more important a POLAR heart rate guy they are the industry leader and that’s why I roll with them. I have 3 different series of monitors and recently checked out the RC3. S0, what is so speical about the RC3 you ask……….

The Polar RC3 GPS is the ultimate tool for recreational runners and cyclists who want integrated GPS. 

Many of you are saying “Jeremy your not a huge runner” very true however it works for runners and non runners alike – you run still jack steel with it, run with it and also bike with it – which is the part I love about it. So, whether I am on my mountain bike or strolling through old town Scottsdale on my beach crusier this bad boy lets me know exactly what’s up with my activity for the day!

Per the Polar website – http://www.polarrc3.com.au 

The Polar RC3 allows you to set up 5 sport profiles allowing you to easily change between exercise sessions. What does this mean? well it will save you time changing your maximum heart rates and sports zones each time you change your exercise. Also if you are using additional sensors they will already be programmed into that particular sport profile.

Like I said not just for running or getting on the bike…pretty bad ass I know!!!

Two other killer features that were not on my previous monitors- 

If you are interested in improving your running or cycling you are going to want to know your lap times. The Polar RC3 GPS allows you to take up to 99 lap times manually with a simple press of a button or automatically at a set distance or time.

The Polar RC3 GPS also allows you to create interval guided workouts based on time, heart rate, speed/pace or distance guidance with up to three linked timers or distances and up to three target zones. These interval workouts guide you through an entire workout ensuring you stay in the correct zones for your exercise session.

I could go on and on but to make things easy for you, if you are into heart rate monitors, running, cycling, or any other form of training and wish to track your progress in real time then get with Polar and see what you have been missing!

I don’t wear this monitor everyday all day just because it looks cool, I do it to see where my body is at while I train and what it’s telling me about my work load and output. For more kick ass detailed information please checkout these videos at -http://www.polarrc3.com.au 

I have been and always will be  Polar guy – join the ranks and check one out for yourself today you won’t be sorry!!!

Jeremy  Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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