Rich Froning CrossFit & Nano 3.0 Reebok

Rich Froning CrossFit & Nano 3.0 Reebok

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness #Livewithfire

Ok guys lets jump right into this we are talking my favorite training shoes the Reebok Nano and now the new and improved Nano 3.0

If you guys haven’t seen me rocking these or seen them in stores check them out right here they are so gangster – CLICK HERE 



The Science inside the shoe –Reebok Nano 3.0 CrossFit 

Introducing the Nano 3.0, our most versatile training shoe ever constructed. The evolution continues with a Dual Density platform that provides the perfect combination of forefoot cushioning and heel stabilization. We added more flexibility and protection to the outsole with Metasplit grooves and RopePro wraps on the medial and lateral sides. We carried the innovation into the upper with a new DuraCage construction for the ultimate in protection and lightweight support. Now, you are ready to take on the toughest workouts.

You guys know me I am not a “CrossFitter” or a “CrossFit” guy but the Nano’s have easily become my all-time training shoe in fact they have almost ruined me from wearing all other training shoes that’s how much I love the minimalist feel and functionality of them. So regardless of your training style or protocol if you train these shoes are most likely perfect for you.

Now if you are a CrossFitter don’t take my word for it take it from your very Rich Froning and hear is take on these Nano’s….. I imagine for you guys if they are good enough for “Rich Froning The Fittest Man On Earth” they are probably good enough for you training at your CrossFit Box!

Now from a simple stupid standpoint or my standpoint if you will indulge me for a minute. The biggest improvement in the Nano 3.0 from the previous version is the toe cover being thicker and more durable.

The only major issue I had with any of my previous versions was slight ripping on the lateral sides near the toe from repeated lateral movements. I teach and preform a ton of lateral slides, skater hops, and various lateral plyometric movements and after repeated use the shoe would rip slightly, after I would guess over 300 hours of extreme use and all my Nano’s are still functional after all that.

Now with the new 3.0 I imagine it will be very, very difficult for me to have the same issue even is I try to replicate due to the  Duracage -upper toe thickness and durability improvements, they are damn near bulletproof!

I love wearing my 3.0 on days where I go from deadlifts to squats and transition into either running stairs or any movement that I couldn’t preform in traditional Olympic lifting shoes.

I love the funky new colors and multi color toes on top the functional awesomeness of these 3.0 Nano’s. If you guys love the previous versions these are nothing but a jacked up version of the original Nano’s. I will post a video later on the major differences as well but overall there is nothing but positive things to say about the improvements made in the new 3.0 versions.

I won’t bullshit you guys so if you are looking a kick ass training shoe that is worth the money and will last you longer than your previous training shoes for under $120 the Nano 3.0 will not disappoint you trust me on that!

Until next time eat clean, train hard , be nice to people and always #livewithfire!!!

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness – #Livewithfire -Reebok 

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