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5 Benefits Of A Weekend Cleanse

The weekend cleanse that just went down at my house ,

Here are the 5 things Heather and I noticed after less than 2 days!!! 

Fat Loss and for those of you who still drive yourself nuts over the scale Weight Loss as well – I went from 211lbs to 206lbs in less than 2 days…My weight did drop….I checked just for this article from 211lb to 206lbs from Friday night to Sunday night – even more Monday morning!!

While I can contribute some of it to a calorie deficit as I was super active while cleansing my body, a majority of the weight probably came from any built up waste that was remaining in my digestive track. Now I eat what I consider pretty healthy – so imagine those of you with waste attached to the linings of your intestines –I would imagine you would be able to drop 3-6lbs over a weekend with this cleanse.

Quality of Sleep was Improved – I sleep about 5-6 hours per night at most and sometimes it’s not the best quality –for some reason maybe it was the removal of all sweetners, toxins, and all synthetic chemiclals…my sleep was the best it’s been in a long time. By removing toxins from your body you are able to fall into and more importantly stay into healthy restful body repairing sleep patterns.

Immunity Kick Start – Once your body dumps all the toxins, foreign chemicals, and bacteria stuck in your intestines and gut your body is feels like it’s running on hyper drive with energy, which allowed me to train like a bad ass all weekend!!!

Regular Digestion – This is where a lot of the weight is dumped through the healthy fiber, water, active herbal and antioxidants you are consuming. These ingredients stimulate your colon to help push all your built up waste through your body to help restore a natural regular digestive pattern. –Nothing worse than feeling fat, bloated and uncomfortable – this cleanse takes care of all that in less than 1 day

 BONUS – Clear Skin – In addition to your digestive tract, your skin is one of the major organs responsible for the release of waste from the body. As toxic waste slowly accumulates in the intestines, the body tries to sweat it out through the pores, causing congestion and breakouts on the surface. Removing this waste through a cleanse leads to clearer skin. Not a bad benefit – clear skin, smaller waist, better sleep, all from 2 days of removing shit in your body that shouldn’t be there anyways!



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