How Often Do You Poop? Get Lean Gluten Free

How Often Do You Poop? 

Jeremy Scott – Get Lean Gluten Free

Many of you remember the popluar kids book Everyone Poops I know I do, and they have an adult version that is called Everybody Poops – and the main stat they throw is something like 410lbs a year…..yeah we literally dump 410lbs of poop each year out of our butts! Which brings me to my next question how often do you poop? Daily – every other day- weekly – mutiple times per day?????

Most American’s not eating a healthy diet filled with veggies are constipated and don’t even realize it……being constipated is more than just feeling bloated, full, or being unable to “GO” when you feel the urge. The reality is if you are eating a healthy balanced regular diet for most people you should be moving your bowels several times per day and in many cases after every meal……YES crazy to hear from many of you!

If you are not having a least a few bowel movements per day you likely have a build up of toxins, rotting, partially or undigested food sitting and clogging up your digestive system…..making you feel bloated, full, unattractive  and casing your belly to bulge much more than it has to!

Let me make this statement and say I believe it 100% whole-heartedly…

Losing FAT is hard, trying to lose BODY FAT while having toxins, unhealthy bacteria and rotting food in your gut – makes losing body fat almost impossible.

Think about this you have about 25 feet of intestines inside you – 20 feet  in the small intensities and 5 feet in the large intensities – so that’s 25 feet your pizza, chips, cookies, and processed food needs to go through…..if you think it takes just a few hours for that to happen you are crazy!!!


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