Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed

Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed

Jeremy Scott Fitness 

 We are back and once again we are talking Nano’s – more specifically the new Reebok CrossFi Nano Speed of as I call them the Speed Nano……Why? Well because I am weird like that and for some reason I always want to say Speed Nano so that’s what I am calling them!

Any of you guys who have trained with us at Jeremy Scott Fitness, trained with me personally, or follow anything we do – you know I love the Nano shoe line Reebok has out. I personally love the 2.0 line –these still have to be my all-time favorite training shoes.  I wear them almost everyday at some point 99% of time I have the Nano 2.0 on my feet.

I also jumped into the new 3.0 which are more durable than the 2.0 a little sturdier fit and almost bulletproof made honestly. Now we jump into the new little brother coming into the mix the Nano Speed edition.

The only cardio I do is really sprinting, running stadium stairs, and well just lifting faster…..for all of these I usually rock the Nano 2.0 and sometimes the 3.0, I recently starting integrating the Nano Speed to compare them.

The biggest different I noticed with the Nano Speed vs. the 2.0 and 3.0 versions would be the stability. They are built just a hair sturdier than the 2.0 with more support for sprinting and also lateral movement in my opinion. They are not quit as flexible as I feel the 2.0 are almost like running in socks, the Speed Nano give you a little support wit a flat sole that is thicker than the 2.0 Nano’s.

Now don’t get me wrong here they are still a low profile shoe just a tad higher than the Nano 2.0 from a feel standpoint. The Speed Nano is great for lifting I front squatted heavy loads and deadlifted in them with great feel and support in the heel. It’s hard for me to say this since I love the previous Nano versions so much but the Speed Nano are better for sprinting in my opinion.


While I love the feel of the previous versions the extra stability and improved support make it easier to get more power into each step/stride when really want to move down the field or track. I have personally noticed greater traction when pushing through each step with the great flexibility I am use to with the Reebok Nano line.

For more specific details on the Reebok Speed Nano – such as heel to toe drop distance visit – REEBOK CLICK HERE

Overall, the Nano 2.0 is still my #1 preferred training shoe they are hard to beat. From a straight up sprinting standpoint the Reebok Speed Nano is a cut above the other Nano versions. If you are someone who loves to strength train and also loves running and sprinting at this price point less than $100 – check the new Reebok Speed Nano you won’t be disappointed. Not to mention the color schemes are pretty gangster which makes wearing them even that much more enjoyable!

 Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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