5 Keys To Daily Dominance – Jeremy Scott

5 Keys To Daily Dominance

by Jeremy Scott Co-Creator Get Lean Gluten Free 

Let me preface this with – I am NOT teaching you anything NEW here, no holy grail, no fountain of youth, no spiritual enlightening shit……just real talk from me to you and 5 things if you did them TODAY would put you on the path to kicking ass in all things you do!

1-   Start doing the shit you are afraid of and have been putting off for months or eveb years. If you don’t it will only get worse the longer you wait and your fear will cripple you….my advice take any fears or challenges you have and punch them square in the face. The things you are afraid of only have you the power you give them, so be the aggressor swing first and knockdown your goals.

2-   Be physical every single day of your life, move around, workout, run, sprint, hike, foam roll, anything. You have a gift thousands of people who are sick and in wheels chairs don’t have – don’t fucking waste it being a lazy ass. It’s like spitting in the face of every person who can’t walk when you say “I am just too tired” “I just don’t have time”……if you don’t use this beautiful amazing powerful machine of a body it will hate you for it, so get up get out and get your ass moving!

3 – Be thankful for everything you have ever been given, currently have and ever get in the future. This goes for all things especially people don’t take anything for granted even for a day, because you can bet your ass you will be sorry when they are gone. The saying is true you don’t really appreciate what you have until it vanishes, so look around at your home, job, friends, family, husband, wife, tell them you appreciate them, tell them that you are thankful for them, tell them you love them non-stop every day……this my friends creates great value in your life but more importantly the life of others.

4- Eat real food, fresh greens, grass fed protein, eggs, fish, drink water all day every day, take probiotics, take vitamins, rest your mind and rest your body only as much as needed and get back up and get after your goals. If you feed your body shit and abuse it well odds are you will feel like shit, give your body want it REALLY needs not what YOU want or think it needs.

5- Surround your self with Bad Ass Winners not a bunch of flunkies. If you hang out with drug addicts all day odds are you are probably a drug addict, dealer, or some form of low level criminal. If you hang out with educated, driven, kind, motivated, positive people odds are you have a few of these traits yourself. The saying goes “you are the average of the 5 people you associate with the most” I know this is true! Ask yourself Do you want to live a badass, amazing, successful positive fun filled life? Go find badass, amazing, successful positive, and fun people ..it’s really that simple!

Again nothing new, nothing cutting edge, nothing earth shattering, and no secrets here. However, often times we need to be reminded of simple things to become what we want to be. Your life can be as badass as you want it to be, it just comes down to little decisions like this everyday!

Until next time, eat clean, train hard, and eat well guys!

Jeremy Scott Fitness – Get Lean Gluten Free 

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