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Your Reebok – Have you ever wanted to have your own shoe?

Jeremy Scott – Reebok Athlete

If you are anything like me the answer is – YES!

I always dreamed about being a BIG TIME professional athlete, whether it be basketball, baseball, football……

And the one thing I always thought would be so BAD ASS was having my own show, that I designed that other people could also buy if they wanted to.

Well long story short I never made it being a BIG TIME professional athlete, however thanks to amazing team over at Reebok they are giving me the chance to make my own custom kicks with the new #yourReebok website –

Not only can I make my own custom kicks – so can all of you guys by simply going onto the YourReebok site and getting creative – check it out

For those of you who follow me and what we do here at Jeremy Scott Fitness you know I love everything Nano – the U-Form, 2.0, 3.0, Speed Nano……

So no surprise I went with my own custom pair of Nano 2.0 – since I don’t have a traditional pair of them yet I figured I would get a one of a kind Jeremy Scott creation.

Now the process is simple, easy, and a ton of fun – you can basically create just about any style, color, and alter every detail down to the lace eyelets. So basically the shoe is 100% you and what you want it to be.


The biggest drawback for me was the time……..

Now this is my own fault I probably made 4-5 different shoes such as the one below……

I spent 1-2 hours going back, changing things, mixing it up, and finally deciding on a show that is 100% me. You guys will see them in about  week so stay tuned.

The shoes take about 6 weeks from the time of creation to get to your front door. Think of it as an early holiday present you are giving yourself or giving to a friend.

When my pair come – I am GIVING AWAY 1 FREE CUSTOME CARD

So ONE LUCK READER of this blog will be the winner – if you comment below we will give you double the chance of winning – so comment below “I WANT MY OWN CUSTOM REEBOK KICKS” and tag us on Facebook – “Jeremy Scott Fitness”

I am amped to get these bad boys in the mail and share them with you guys so stay tuned and don’t forget to comment below for your chance to win your FREE PAIR!!!!

Comment Below for your chance at a FREE CUSTOM PAIR

Jeremy Scott – Your Reebok – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Reebok Athlete

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