What Supplements Work?

What Supplements Work?  Which Ones Do You Need?

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Let me start by saying these are “supplements” they ONLY supplement what you are already currently taking in through your current diet.

Meaning there is no substitute for eating whole, real, organic, clean micronutrient food. However, I know with traveling and busy schedules supplementing for convenience can ensure you are getting exactly what your body needs.

In a perfect world you could eat all the micronutrients you need through whole foods……..however this ain’t a perfect world!

Below is a short list of supplements that the “average” busy-gym goer could benefit from taking on a regular basis if they can’t meet their needs through real food intake…plus a few supplements I love pre-post workout and for a little extra fat burning benefit.

#1 – Powdered Greens – veggies are vital and very important for your internal & external health. Now while there is no substitute for the real deal, this is the next best option if you can’t or don’t get in 4-5 cups of veggies per day. These are super easy to take and great for busy people who travel or are constantly on the go. CLICK and enter code “jeremyscottfitness” for 10% off –


#2 – Probiotics – this bacteria helps just about everything in your gut-including numerous types of digestive issues. Research has shown that probiotics can be helpful for people with IBS, and ease things like cramps, bloating, diarrhea and constipation – if you are not taking them daily – CLICK here and learn a little more and grab some ASAP!



#3 – Krill OilFish Oil – these essential fats do the following; promote healthy joints, fights aging, promotes healthy liver function, boosts immunity, improves skin, and helps you get lean and sexy – CLICK and grab some oils today!



#4 – Whey Protein – if you can eat enough protein through lean meats alone you might not need a protein supplement. However, many people get busy, travel or just want a quick convenient low fat protein source and whey protein is a great solution. CLICK if you guys are looking to grab a whey protein when you are on the go!



#5 – Multivitamin – just to cover all the bases from top to bottom grabbing a quality multi-vitamin is a great choice to CLICK and start taking a 1-day multivitamin to keep your immunity high and safe guard against illness.  MenCLICK / WomenCLICK


For the bros – My Post Workout Choice – 

I also like taking NLARGE-3 from PROLAB –CLICK

 (men only – don’t suggest you ladies hop on the NLARGE  train unless you are looking to gain some size!)

Again guys these are only “supplementing” what REAL WHOLE FOODS you are eating – having a shitty diet and taking a bunch of supplements is just throwing your money away – put it all together though you have a winning combination! 

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness  


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