Muscle Ropes 5k Jump Challenge #giantjump

Attention Jeremy Scott Fitness Athletes – we have a fun little challenge for you to start Sunday 12/15 that will take you all the way into 2014!
Muscle Ropes has issued a 5k jump challenge to anyone down to jump there way into shape before the New Year. It’s really simple all you need to do starting tomorrow is complete 5,000 jumps before Jan. 1st 2014.
If you break it down per day that’s around 313 jumps or so – you can do more or less per day as long as you reach at least 5,000 jumps – here is the sign up if you wish to make it offical – – Sign Ups:
All JSF Athletes can come in before or after your training sessions and jump away as we have multiple ropes for you guys interested. I am starting as well tomorrow – who is down to join me???
Don’t have a muscle ropes? My gift to you – Free shipping on the jump ropes: 

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Scottsdale Personal Trainer

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