Stacy Helbert – Athlete Of The Month

Stacy Helbert -Jeremy Scott Fitness

Athlete Of The Month


Where are you orginally from?

I was born in Arizona and love the warm weather here, so I never left.

 How long have you been coming to JSF?

Almost 4 months.

What was your fitness regimen prior to JSF and what made you
choose/switch to JSF?

Running and Zumba classes.  I needed to add strength training on a regular basis, but I don’t enjoy working out on my own at the gym or at home.  JSF is much more motivating.

What do you like best about JSF?

It’s always a challenging and new workout, and it easily fits into my busy schedule.

5.    What do you like to do in your free time?

Reading on my Kindle and playing video games or board games with my boys.

 What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Pasta and garlic bread, since I’m part Italian.

7.    What is your advice for other members to get great results

Don’t even consider whether to go workout because it’s easy to find excuses.  Just put it in your schedule, don’t give yourself a choice, and challenge yourself while you’re there.



You have been doing an awesome job!!!

You bring a kick ass attitude and work ethic at every workout and we love having you at JSF!!!

-Team Jeremy Scott Fitness

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