I'm Allergic To Average……

I’m Allergic To Average -Jeremy Scott Fitness

My man Eric Thomas said this sometime ago

“I’m allergic to average” think about that…..

I say this phrase a lot in my head when I get tired, when times get tough, when I am exhausted, when I don’t feel like doing the little things, the extra things that set me apart from the rest I say to myself “Jeremy you are allergic to average” and I keep going….

People ask me “why do you get up at 4am everyday?”

I say “WHY NOT?”

It’s a standard I set for myself to be successful My WHY, My Goals, My Dreams are more important than my sleep…

The first thing you need to do in 2014 is…

Don’t just focus on your dreams and goals focus on your WHY?

Why do you get up everyday?

Why are these your dreams?

Why are these your goals?

Then set a few important goals… With deadlines!

Establish a game plan…Commit to seeing it through to the end…. find your WHY?

Why do you want to achieve this?

Find that reason to wake up everyday, write your WHY down!

THE FACT IS…many people start motivated in January and quit when things get tough in February!

But not for you this time, you have a WHY? You have a reason to keep you going when things get hard, when life punches you in the face your WHY will keep you going!

If it was easy everyone would do it…

But it’s not easy and that’s what makes it so special…


We are here to help you give me a call, shoot me an email, or message me if you want to sit down and have a success session together and let’s see if we can’t find your WHY in 2014!!!

Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott – Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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