One Bite Won’t Kill You!

One Bite Won’t Kill You……..Um yes it kind of will!!!


Kelly Groff ISSA CFT – Team Jeremy Scott Fitness Coach 

I have heard this over and over and I know some of you have too. 

On my healthy lifestyle journey one thing that I have had a hard time letting go of is the junk food and pastries.  I love all of that just as much as the next person.

Do I miss it yes!! But I also know that those two things helped me become an unhealthy person. 

When I started the eating clean journey, it was hard (sometimes it still is!) but it was really hard when I was with my friends who hadn’t taken that plunge yet. 

The tasty cookies and brownies all looked good and the comment “one bite won’t kill you, you have to try this!!” got real old.  In reality one bite would lead to another and another and the next thing I know I am back to square one again.  Now I am not saying one bite will hinder by goals but one clean day won’t achieve them either. 

It’s sticking to discipline and if I have learned anything through this journey thus far. If I want it bad enough I will stay focused and work for it. 

I know many of you hear this saying of one bite won’t hurt you, some of you may say it to yourself. I ask yourself to just think back why did you start this journey, is that one bite even worth finding out if it will hurt you?

Kelly Groff – Jeremy Scott Fitness

Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

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