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Reebok Z-Quick “Get Unatrually Quick” 

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Ok kids you know what time it is, we are back talking kicks and this month we have the NEW Reebok Z-Quicks! To jump right into the basics the “Real Talk” – the new Z-Quick kicks are sleek, lighweight, plenty of cushion and look sick to top it all off. Back in the day I would only wear shoes if they looked good, however now that I am older & wiser…. from a training stance even if I hate the look of a shoe I will wear if they help me train harder, the nice added bonus with these Z-Quicks is I love the style. 

I have been rocking them during my training sessions, coaching sessions, sprints, jogging, stairs you name it I have been wearing these bad boys out…… literally. I compare everything to my Nano’s and the Z-Quick is almost on the same level as the Nano the difference you get a lot more cushion in the Z-Quicks. So when you push off or bounce they really do offer an added cushion I don’t get in my Nano’s. 


Some of the nuts and bolts behind the Z-Quick….

They are inspired by hi-performance, Z-Rated tires, the Reebok Z-Quick shoes roll like a sports car on your feet quick, fast and sexy looking! 

The Z-Rated outsole delivers control, traction and speed, while the no-sew upper and internal bootie ensure you’re locked in tight for your training sessions. I love how they fit – moving laterally is a little harder than I thought, but again I am so use to the Nano’s being so low to the ground. After 2-3 times wearing the Z-Quick I felt good going laterally and changing directions on the drop of a dime! They are low-cut for mobility with a lightweight bootie built in to keep your foot snug, after beating these shoes up for over 2 weeks now they seem to be more than durable which is great for any athlete who trains hard!


Overall these shoes rock for anything from spritning, jogging, longer runs, stadium stairs, circuit training, and even heavy lifting (minus squats & deadlifts). I love how they look and overall how they feel, super comfortable to walk around in, I will 100% be rocking these for months to come, and probably picking up a few extra pairs to floss in at the gym!

Check them out and give these Z-Quicks a try for yourself – CLICK 



Jeremy Scott Fitness – Reebok Z-Quick 


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