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Vitamins are important to the body, they are compounds that are necessary for our bodies normal growth and function.  We can’t make all vitamins in our body so we must obtain them from our foods.  Most of the compounds needed for our cells to function, can be made by our cells from other nutrients.

We can get some of our vitamins from many foods but it is possible our body can become deficient in vitamins, and that damages our health.

There are 13 vitamins in which all interact with our cell enzymes, an regulate certain body functions  They are crucial for our metabolic process, and in building and maintaining bones, teeth, skin, blood, and many other vital body tissues.

I have had many people ask me what kind of vitamins should I take? I can’t tell by looking at you what your body is deficient in so I recommend seeing a doctor for a checkup to see what you are deficient in.

But a great multivitamin is a good start, also below are some important supplements that I suggest to get started on the road to great health.

Kelly’s Multivitamin Choice – CLICK

Kelly’s Probiotic Choice – CLICK 

Kelly’s Krill Oil Choice – CLICK

Kelly’s Whey Protein Choice – CLICK 


Hope this helps many of you! -Kelly Groff ISSA CFT -Jeremy Scott Fitness

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