Weights Are A Girls Best Friend!

Weights Are A Girls Best Friend! 

by Kelly Groff Team Jeremy Scott Fitness 


I often hear as a trainer, I want a lean body, I want to just tone my muscles I don’t’ want to be one of those “bulky bodybuilder types”. So I see many people take a lighter weight or resistance and try doing more reps with it thinking that will help them reach these goals.

I really have to bite my tongue when I hear and see clients do this. So I want to give those of you out there that think this, a little something to think about and why I don’t agree with your approach of lighter weight more reps.


Let me set the story straight there is no such thing as toning up your muscles. “Toning up” comes from your body gaining muscle mass and reducing your body fat.   Think about it … when you see the body you aspire to look like, its lean (low body fat) you see muscle definition… aka muscles that have been built up.

Strength training with proper nutrition will help you achieve this look. Going to the gym and lifting lighter weights at more reps will activate the muscle growth… but a heavier weight will activate them even more. The heavier weights will higher your metabolic rate, and we know that a higher metabolic rate helps with shedding some of that body fat.

I know some of you are thinking if I pick up the heavier weights I am going to get bulky FALSE!!Trust me if you pick up a heavier weight you are not going to look like a bodybuilder. They look like that, because they have followed a plan to look that way, IT IS ON PURPOSE.  

As women we do not have the testosterone levels to pack on tons of mass. You will not being ripping through your shirt like the hulk. Nutrition plays a big role on muscle mass; to create a large muscle mass your calorie intake must be pretty high.


Now I am not saying you need to go run out and join a gym to hit the weight room. What I am saying is to push yourself a little bit. Don’t be afraid to lift the heavier dumbbells.

If you are used to picking up 10, or 12lb dumbbells, pick up some 15 or 20lbs instead. Don’t grab for the lighter orange band all the time, push your muscles reach for the red maybe even the black band. If you are used to doing squats with just your body weight pick up a kettle bell or sandbag. Fatigue your muscles otherwise your body composition will never change.



Challenge yourself, think of the saying “if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you”!

Kelly Groff ISSA CFT – Scottsdale Personal Trainer –

Team Jeremy Scott Fitness 

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